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Warner 185X Radial Engines

Introductory Price $40,000.00 for base engine 

We at the Monocoupe Aeroplane Corporation of Grantville, PA, are pleased to announce we are nearing production of the Warner 185X radial engine. After spending over 2000 man hours in front of computer screens, the complete engine has been digitized and 3D modeled, using over 1300 blueprints from the original company. We have a 3D model of every part on the engine down to the bolts and studs.

Small design changes have been implemented to make the finished engine stronger and able to be manufacturered with modern technology. Where the Warner company cast the major pieces, we are CNC machining them out of billet aluminum and steel alloys. Our in house Haas VF5 has 5 axis capabilities to machine even the toughest parts on the radial engine. We incorporated o-rings in many places they used paper gaskets to insure better sealing and are using stronger materials, many not available in the mid 40s when the engine was designed and built.

Our business plan is to build the first production run of engines close to the original specs to get a base line on our in house dyno. After we are comfortable with the base line, we will be adding fuel injection, an improved cam profile, higher compression, electronic ignition, and better port and combustion designs.

We feel that with the added improvements we will be able to achieve 250-275 horsepower, all while cutting the weight down to under 300 lbs.  The engine will fill the need for a lot of airplane designs, from Bucker Jungmeisters to Great Lakes. We have over 1200 people on our list of prospective buyers who gave us over 60 planes they want to put the new Warner 185X on.

As we near production of the new radial engine, we have come up with a way to organize the people who want to be on the list to buy an engine. With so many interested in the radial, we feel it is necesary to take a small deposit to lock in build slots. We are taking a $500.00 deposit for customers to retain a position on the list. When we receive your deposit, we will email you the build slot number that you are along with a projected delivery date. You will have the option of moving your delivery date into the future up to 12 months to fit your build schedule of your airplane if needed. Build slots are transferable.

Don\'t delay in getting your build slot. Our business plan is to produce 20 engines in 2018 and then ramp up to 50 annually from 2019 on. That being said, many of the 2018 build slots are already taken so if you are interested, please act now.

If you are in need of replacement parts for your Warner 165 or 185 please contact us. We have one of the largest collections of NOS parts with over 274,000 parts in inventory. From bushings to gaskets, piston rings to valves, we got you covered.





Email contact@monocoupe.com or call toll free 844-FLY- ACW2 (359-2292)

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