Warner 185X




Our mission
 When you are in business you are pulled in many directions at once. The hard part is to stay focused on the mission. Any good business will have a goal or mission, usually in the form of a business plan. Most plans show potential earnings, costs of start up, advertising cost, and production goals. While we agree these are important to build a healthy business, they leave out something that is missing in today's world.

You can't write a business plan to have passion or not, you either have it or don't. The crazy thing about passion is it is contagious - big time. When you are passionate about a dream like we are, people that are near you feel the way you do. They are inspired to build something great, not to make more money than the other guy, but to be involved doing something special. We talk at our shop about this project being a piece of art, not just another airplane that is getting built. We are creating art in the form of a classic plane that has style, character, and greatness. Our passion drives us to build a plane that will stop people in their tracks like it did for us over 25 years ago, and we will continue to keep working to make this dream happen.

Building A Dream
Not many people get to do what we do. Most are going through life working every day and paying the bills just to wonder where time has gone. Life is short and we are on this big great ball for only a short time, so we want to make the best of that time. Our dream is to not only build a great airplane, but we want to build a community that shares in a common dream. We do not just want customers to buy our kits, we are looking for people who are passionate about the Monocoupe Clip Wings. People who want to share in the dream of recreating one of the most exciting era's of aviation.

What it must have been like to dive your plane toward the ground and turn tightly around a pylon, pulling back on the stick and feeling the Gs. Racing toward the next turn at over 200 mph, peering over that round cowling with the engine belching out performance. Taking the checkered flag for the win then pulling up into a half loop and rolling out on top, looking down at the mere mortals on the ground that cannot know the feeling you have inside. As you push the the throttle forward to the firewall the shear acceleration you feel is unmatched, giving you the inner piece that you have chosen the right airplane. The balance of the controls, even the style of the instrument panel and wooden floorboard, all add up to make your dream come true.

We invite you to join us on this adventure, to grab a hold of the dream of building and flying one of the most iconic airplanes built. We are opening up our business for you to share in the excitement, camaraderie, passion, and overall sense that we are doing something special. We are giving a stock certificate to the first 90 customers that order a kit to have them become much more than a customer. They will be a partner in this endevour, this dream to bring back a time that was simple and refreshing. A time where style and grace were as important as speed and cost. If you are reading this, feel the passion and want to be involved, contact us to discuss you coming onboard as a very important part of this historical mission.







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