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Monocoupe 110 Clip Wing Kits

Mocked up with mock gear

Perfect fit of ribs

Sitting tall

Sexy Tail

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Ultra Precise Wing Fixture

 The wing fixture is like no other in that it holds the wing on an angle that leaves the builder work on the wing with ease. Spars are held in place with brackets and the ribs are installed with CNC machined stands that insure perfect rib placement. Washout and dihedral are controlled within a 1/32 of an inch from corner to corner over the entire wing.

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Superior Fit

State of the art Fuselage Jig

Our fuselage fixture is a pin jig with locating pins at all the important tube innersections that gives us the ability to replicate our fuselages with superior tolerances and fit.

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Parts List

Item Part # Sale price
Fuselage MC-F *TBA
Add for welding MC-FW *TBA
Wing MC-W *TBA
add for wing rib assembly  MC-WRA *TBA
Wing assemble MC-WA *TBA
Tail Kit MC-T *TBA
Gear with wheels and. Brakes MC-G *TBA
Cowling and speed ring MC-C *TBA
Front sheet metal and doors MC-SMD *TBA
Wood kit for fuse w/stringers MC-WK *TBA
Dual gas tanks MC-GT *TBA
Wheel pants and fairings MC-WPF *TBA
Seat frame  MC-SF *TBA
Interior wood and floor MC-IW *TBA
Instrument panel bare MC-IP *TBA
Dual control sticks w/push pull MC-DC *TBA
Windshield and glass kit MC-WK *TBA
Rudder pedals and cables MC-RP *TBA
*Prices to be announced

We are very proud of our Monocoupe Clip Wing kit and are especially happy with our state of the art fixtures. Starting with a Model 90 fuselage and some reference drawings of a 110 clip wing, we digitized the complete plane.

We made slight changes to make the new kit easier to build, stronger, and more accommodating to get in and out of the plane. While a 110 Special has great looks and lines, it is almost impossible for a normal size person to climb aboard - the door is just too small. We designed the door with the look of a 110 Special but with the size of a 90 door.

We also designed the new plane with Grove spring gear, giving the plane superior tracking.  Adding a locking tailwheel not only improves ground handling and limits bad characteristics.

Our design gives the builder the ability to use composites that replicate the body, doors, and cowling looks with the strength of carbon fiber. Not only are the parts great fitting and strong, but they are able to be built at a fraction of original style parts.

Looking at the best available options, we opted to use a Model 90 style trim system instead of a 110 jack screw type. It keeps the weight to a minimum and we designed a linear motor into it to adjust the trim with a flick of a switch.

The other small changes made were to improve the build time, ease of build, and to compliment the looks of the original 110 Special. From CNC router cut wing tips to composite longeron covers, we have taken away the needed fabrication seen on most kits.

All of our kits are offered as builder assist quick builds. We feel that it is impossible for the customer to replicate the quality parts we make without doing them in our jigs and fixtures. We are still working on the syllabus to make it easy for customers to come and build their dream plane at our facility. Our goal is to have a build book on an IPAD that customers will be directed on what step follows what.

The Monocoupe Clip Wing airplane is not for everyone. We plan to only offer 7 kits yearly and limit the amount of planes out there. While other manufactures are consumed with volume, we are concentrating on quality and style. When you complete your Clip WIng you will have a plane that commands attention. As you make a pass down a runway and come in for a landing, you will be met with a crowd of people no matter where you go. There simply is nothing like a Clip Wing Monocoupe.

Lastly, we designed the kit to use a Warner 185X for the engine. Any other engine just doesn't cut it - the Warner 185X will give the finished airplane climb performane better than an F8 Bearcat and top speeds over 200 mph. Swinging a 92-100 inch prop, the plane will have awesome performance.

To order your Monocoupe kit and get on the schedule, please contact us. We want to help you build your dream.

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