Kit Prices



Kit Prices

Item Part # Sale price
Fuselage MC-F *TBA
Add for welding MC-FW *TBA
Wing MC-W *TBA
add for wing rib assembly  MC-WRA *TBA
Wing assemble MC-WA *TBA
Tail Kit MC-T *TBA
Gear with wheels and. Brakes MC-G *TBA
Cowling and speed ring MC-C *TBA
Front sheet metal and doors MC-SMD *TBA
Wood kit for fuse w/stringers MC-WK *TBA
Dual gas tanks MC-GT *TBA
Wheel pants and fairings MC-WPF *TBA
Seat frame  MC-SF *TBA
Interior wood and floor MC-IW *TBA
Instrument panel bare MC-IP *TBA
Dual control sticks w/push pull MC-DC *TBA
Windshield and glass kit MC-WK *TBA
Rudder pedals and cables MC-RP *TBA

All prices subject to change 
*To be announced

As we progress further on the project, we will be finalizing the kit prices and will offer a bundled kit for the base airframe which will include the fuselage on the gear with the wing, tail, gear and cowling. Please check back soon for updated prices.

Radial Engines

Coming Soon
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Fuselage Giveaway

To celebrate the 90th anniversary of the first Monocoupe airplane ever built, Monocoupe Aeroplane Corporation is giving away a brand new fuselage. At Oshkosh in July 2017 we will be giving one lucky person a stage 1 fuselage valued at $8500.00. We believe it is important to give back to those who support us, so we will be giving away numerous prizes valued at over $20,000.00, including 5 runner up prizes.

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